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The bridge to a new eternity – ‘Seeing’ as an evolutionary practice

How can the contours of a new world emerge?

Quoted from: Boloji.com

Meditation-in-Action – The Practice of understanding “what is essential”

The Practice of understanding “what is essential” is the core of meditation-in-action…


Evolving through Ideas– The fastest of 3 ways in which people evolve

Evolving through ideas means recognizing, living with, sharing and personally practicing an idea – irrespective of the work context, and irrespective of the life context…

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How is one’s life to be organized? – The practice of generating order

How is order generated – By a consciousness, awareness, attention on that which is most valuable…

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Searching for truth and the role of Tempfacts

The search for truth is the struggle to unpack the next framework from the existing “tempfacts” (temporary facts) at our command…


Living in the Moment – The practice of “recognition”

Living in the moment is manifestation of the whole. It is real. It is here itself, here itself…

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How to build Character Integrity? – The role of fear & discipline

Character is of the nature of renunciation and rigor…


Familiarity to Mastery – The 4 Stages of Conscious Practice

There are many levels of practice. But in all levels, a practitioner is one who consciously and deliberately intends to transform the state of his being…