The heroism of the spirit – the engine of evolution for an ideals-driven hero

True heroism is not about winning over nature, winning over other human beings, or even winning against one’s limitations. True heroism is about jumping from one level of…

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The hero’s journey

The brave one says – ‘I will climb and I will see the truth – come what may’. This heroic attitude, combined with dedication and austerity, will take one to wherever one wants to go…


When are we truly heroic?

The mark of a hero is intense and high aspiration. It starts breaking all the barriers within. And he finds meaning only in meeting that aspiration…


Heroism as a way of living

The hero says: Whatever be the cost, whatever be the circumstance, whatever be the energy and the effort – I have to live the ideal and I have to struggle to live the ideal in every small part of my day-to-day life…


Awakening the heroic consciousness

The heroic consciousness is awakened when the freedom seeking dimension of our personality interacts fruitfully with our willingness to serve an ideal – and this interaction forces us to dynamically engage with the world…

Pottery Lessons

The Practice of Excellence … and its value in societal development

Whenever or wherever people consciously undertake the practice of excellence, they naturally end up living consciously, in awareness, with an open mind. Most important they assign a special value or meaning to the ‘idea of excellence’ …


Freedom Spaces and the Design Response

Freedom Space has two characteristics: one is the boundary, which is the responsibility; and the other is freedom. Once seen like this, one understands that design is about maximizing the freedom space…

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The bridge to a new eternity – ‘Seeing’ as an evolutionary practice

How can the contours of a new world emerge?

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The need for enabling identity-constructs and recognizing a disabling identity-construct

Most identity-constructs, in the final analysis, are subjective, open to constant reassessment, leave us unsure, and keep us bounded.
These are disabling identities for the evolutionary adventurer…


How to align our goals towards the goal of our soul? – the three voices

There are three voices – the outer voice, the inner voice and the deepest most voice. What is the outer voice? The outer voice is that which is…

Who am I? A knowing individual or a learning individual

Who am I? A learning individual or a knowing individual? This is the first question in the journey to personal freedom and choice. At the identity level, there…


Future-creating Leaders

How to become a Future-creating Leader?

This state is not to be learnt or understood, but is to be actualized – everyday. Through the warp and weft of one’s aspiration and action.

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Resolving the clash of heritages within us

Man can be seen to be a product of two heritages – his spiritual heritage born of consciousness and his material heritage born of biological roots.

Achieving a positive and fruitful interaction and synthesis between two seems seems to be in the renunciation of the ‘narrow I’ and the gradual adoption of a larger ‘collective I’…

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From employee to citizen – entails a shift from “outside-in” to “inside-out”

There are two fundamental states in which we seem to engage with our work environment – the employee mode and the citizen mode. The employee mode is an “outside-in” state, and the citizen mode is an “inside-out” state..

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Service is Worship

Service means a profound sense of oneness, manifest as worship.
Action which is embedded and sustained by attention, awareness, significance, and promise is called worship…

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Spaces of connect in relationships

This piece maps out the spaces in which people connect to each other – activity, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
It further goes on to propose that perhaps the deepest and most sustainable relationships are those that span across spaces of connect.

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Evolution through Work – The paradox of “identity with work”

Identity with the work makes you strive for excellence. Yet to grow and evolve, one has to transmute that very identity. That is the paradox of “identity with work”…


Customer-centric Ideals are the bridge between Company values and Customer outcomes

… This ideal will emerge not “within” the company nor “outside” the company, but in the cognitive space wherein the company and its customers are truly identified in terms of interests and outcomes.

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A framework for change at an individual level – the transition to a new world

This piece maps out the stages in the journey of helping individuals transition into a new world by leveraging their own cognitive and emotional energies…


Visioning as a tool for reconstructing identity

This piece is a Sutra on the purpose of vision. It describes the levels at which the “state” revealed in a vision manifests itself.

God is Truth

The quality of purpose

While it is fashionable to live by purpose, it is useful to ask ourselves, what is the quality of our purpose…


Knowledge Worker – The Evolutionary Journey

This map lays out the 4 stages in the journey of knowledge work: beginning with the stage where one is a knowledge worker, right up to a stage where one’s consciousness is completely transformed.

The 14th Dalai Lama

How does an idea become a force? – The value of role models in evolution

Ideas become Forces when they are embodied in individuals…

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The three layers of an Ideal

This piece maps out the 3 layers of the citizenship ideal and the imperatives at each layer of manifestation…