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Freedom Spaces and the Design Response

Freedom Space has two characteristics: one is the boundary, which is the responsibility; and the other is freedom. Once seen like this, one understands that design is about maximizing the freedom space…

The need for enabling identity-constructs and recognizing a disabling identity-construct

Most identity-constructs, in the final analysis, are subjective, open to constant reassessment, leave us unsure, and keep us bounded.
These are disabling identities for the evolutionary adventurer…

Who am I? A knowing individual or a learning individual

Who am I? A learning individual or a knowing individual? This is the first question in the journey to personal freedom and choice. At the identity level, there…


Future-creating Leaders

How to become a Future-creating Leader?

This state is not to be learnt or understood, but is to be actualized – everyday. Through the warp and weft of one’s aspiration and action.

Evolution through Work – The paradox of “identity with work”

Identity with the work makes you strive for excellence. Yet to grow and evolve, one has to transmute that very identity. That is the paradox of “identity with work”…

The quality of purpose

While it is fashionable to live by purpose, it is useful to ask ourselves, what is the quality of our purpose…

Knowledge Worker – The Evolutionary Journey

This map lays out the 4 stages in the journey of knowledge work: beginning with the stage where one is a knowledge worker, right up to a stage where one’s consciousness is completely transformed.

How does an idea become a force? – The value of role models in evolution

Ideas become Forces when they are embodied in individuals…