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Future-creating Leaders


How to become a Future-creating Leader?

This state is not to be learnt or understood, but is to be actualized – everyday. Through the warp and weft of one’s aspiration and action.

Building Bridges: Education, Industry & Society – Exploring Swami Vivekananda’s vision of total human development

Swami Vivekananda had an extraordinary vision that put man’s development and the unfoldment of human possibilities at the center of all three – industry, education and society…

Transcending Power & Knowledge – The DNA of Enlightened Citizenship

Citizenship is a new mode of engagement and living in society. It means that power transmutes from self-centeredness to collective-centeredness (from power to control to power to contribute). It also means that knowledge transmutes from ‘knowledge as asset’ to ‘knowledge as enablement’ (from knowing to enabling)…

Technology: A Citizenship Perspective – When Business sees Technology as an engine for human and social transformation

The future of technology depends upon our state of citizenship.

As a mere business organization we will be restricted in our vision of technology and its value to us in the future.

As a collective of citizens, we will be free to envision and realize key elements of a new society where technology is one of the platforms for such a change…