Evolution of a Knowledge Worker

Stage I: Knowledge Worker

Truly working with knowledge means the distinction between input, process, and output blurs and we learn to work with “whole outcomes”.

Knowledge and process – both are objective. The focus is the output being sought of you. The ideal is competence. 

Stage II: Knowledge Craftsman

At the next stage, the goal is the creation of knowledge products which are beautiful, effective, engaging, and knowledge-shifting.

Knowledge is objective, process is subjective. The focus is your inner vision for the product. The ideal is product excellence. 

Stage III: Knowledge Warrior

At the third stage you not only work, but you’re also dedicated to a higher purpose. This is when you pull apart from other knowledge workers and begin the journey of self-transformation.

Both knowledge and process become subjective. Purpose transmutes the objective into subjective. The focus is your becoming. The ideal is evolution. 

Stage IV: Transformed Consciousness

The distinction between knowledge, process, and purpose has dissolved into a new whole called the ideal. The focus is manifesting the ideal. You are the ideal.