In a world equalized by competencies, what is the metric of growth for a Knowledge Worker?
In knowledge work, there is no ‘growth’. The logic of knowledge work is that there are no hierarchies. The world is flat. Therefore a knowledge worker’s growth lies in the expansion of his personality. There is no other way a knowledge worker can be ‘evaluated’.

By the expansion of personality, you command respect. In the old world, respect was demanded. In the new world, it can only be commanded. And you will lift yourself by yourself. Otherwise any amount of a ‘crown’ won’t command respect. The personality – that is what will distinguish you in the world.

The dimensions of ‘more or less’ of something will not command respect. All that is the ornamentation on the tusk of an elephant – only for show. But first the tusk has to be ready, and the tusk is expansion.

How does expansion come?
How does it come? Can you buy it? Can you ‘make-up’ and get it? No. It will be built if your heart expands, if your head expands, if your thoughts expand. The main thing is the expansion of the personality. The gold will come. Afterwards. And adorn the tusk.

Success in the world of knowledge will only come through the personality. It is the heart-center of success. Therefore that is the point of Grace. If your personality is expanding, you know that God’s Grace is there.

Grace is when He puts you in the ‘position’ to command that ‘role’ which He wants to give you. Not only does He give you, but makes you deserve it. You get it royally right.