1. Meaning can be expressed in joy, delight, laughter, loving-devotion to an ideal.
  2. Meaning can be generated through the very act of expression. In the doing is the learning.
  3. Meaning needs no past, no future except the anticipation of greater fulfillment.
  4. Meaning is the root-cause of all personal action.
  5. Meaning means that life is worth living – for oneself, for others, for a collective larger than oneself.
  6. Meaning is the outcome of faith and love.
  7. Meaning is of the nature of love itself and has it roots in faith and self-esteem.
  8. Faith and self-esteem are themselves rooted in the ego – individual, collective, or universal.
  9. To seek meaning is to seek life.
    To lose meaning is to lose life itself.
  10. What is meaning?
    Meaning is the energy of self perpetuation.
  11. When this self perpetuation is individual limited and deeply contexted, it leads to a grasping, wanting society.
  12. When this self perpetuation is collective, bonded and rooted in a shared purpose, it leads to powerful contribution.
  13. When this self perpetuation transcends the collective, becomes unbounded and free, it becomes capable of pure love of existence itself.
  14. The journey from the individual to the universal is called evolutionary purpose.
  15. The generation of greater and greater meaning through the living of this evolutionary purpose is called fulfillment.