Society will be transformed if and only if three things happen:

First, a shift from achievement to citizenship: achievement is basically self-centered while citizenship is centered on the welfare of society as a whole.

Second, citizenship itself has to be understood as a space or landscape in which one can make a lifetime’s journey of 30-40 years (even over several lifetimes).

Third, each one of us needs to takes up the responsibility for meeting human outcomes – for ourselves and for others, and not just material outcomes.



The essence of citizenship is human outcomes, while the essence of achievement is material outcomes.

Once one has to meet outcomes, it cannot be through a process. One needs to take responsibility. I have to design a way to meet your outcomes.

Human outcomes can be met at several levels – at the level of an individual, at the level of a collective / community, or for society as a whole.

  1. Meeting outcomes at the level of an individual means taking responsibility for the growth of the individual.
  2. Meeting outcomes at the level of a collective means finding out a way in which that collective becomes self-sustaining – it becomes a design collective.
  3. Meeting outcomes for society means finding ways to create several change makers / design leaders, who will each transform numerous design collectives. And it also means being able enable all these design leaders to go out and do it.



If one’s focus is working at a societal level, then one needs to be able to create several design leaders who are tied together by an ideal, but free to use their own intellect, their own priorities and their own thinking.

What they share is only a shared ideal for the welfare of the country. Beyond that each person is free to find his/her own strategy for growth.