1. The role of educators and administrators in preparing students for the future

    Discussed the evolving role of the teacher from merely building “socialized individuals” who imitate us and perpetuate the past, to investing in building “awakened individuals” who will create a better society and a greater future
    Address to Principals at the National Fiji Principals Association Conference [May 2016]

  2. Maps of Becoming: Think Tools for an Evolutionary Adventurer
    Shared how Evolutionary Adventurers – those who will build the positive economy – can be built at scale in society. Proposed the notion of Evolutionary Capacities and presented learnings from experiences at Illumine Labs
    Addressing Economics and Change Practitioners at the Positive Economy Forum, San Patrignano, Italy [April 2015]
  3. Cognitive Empowerment
    Shared what cognitive empowerment means; the methods, tools and techniques to be used for bringing about cognitive empowerment in society; and its value and impact on the nation.
    Interactive discussion with the Illumine Design Team at the Actualization Lab; [February 2015]
  4. Values Education: A new paradigm

    Presented a new pedagogic approach for building intrinsic (and not normative) values in children, using a Structured DiscoveryTM oriented approach – showcasing the Illumine’s value education curriculum for awakening infinite human possibilities in std. 7, 8 & 9 students.
    Addressing the Board of CBSE & Principals of CBSE schools at Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi [March 2014]

  5. Knowledge Society: Directions for the future

    Paper presented on the fundamental shifts in a Knowledge Society: the Knowledge-ization of work, the new models of education, and the new levels of knowledge participation in the unfolding of an assimilation revolution
    Addressing change practitioners and thinkers at the Institute of Culture, Kolkata [February 2014]

  6. How education can boost adaptive and innovative capacity

    Discussed a new assimilation-based education model for awakening of innovation and adaptive capacity – which is man’s unique capacity to evolve with challenges.
    Address at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, organized by ETK & Sakura, Luxembourg [October 2013]

  7. Designing a Contributive Society

    Presented the vision of a Contributive Society and how to build contributors: who move from being ‘billiard balls’ to a system of ‘interdependence’, live in a state of Enlightened Self-interest, and shift from being ‘victims’ to ‘creators of their destiny’.
    Keynote Address at the NASSCOM, GIL and GESIA Dewang Mehta Memmorial Lecture, supported by CSI at MS University, Vadodara [August 2011]

    Discussed the new ‘vision of education’ that emerges when education is viewed in terms of its ability to strengthen and enhance man’s capacity to engage boldly and effectively with the challenges of life: an education that (i) develops self-esteem, (ii) develops appropriate mind sets (iii) integrates learning and doing and (iv) develops ‘Engagement Practices’.
    Addressing educational thinkers at the National Seminar on Education organized by Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi, on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary; [February 2011]
  9. Ideas to Ideals: the Citizen SBI Story
    Presented the need to transcend form ideas to ideals and envision a new ‘state of living’ for bringing about any sustainable change, with the case study of State Bank of India, where a new state of living called citizenship was envisioned through a process of consensus building and ‘future creation’.
    Address at the Second International Conference ‘Igniting the Genius Within’ conference, organized by the Indian School of Business, center for Leadership, Innovation and Change; [October 2009]
  10. Precision Knowledge Interventions

    Presented the knowledge technology of building Precision Knowledge Interventions that enable precise cognitive state shifts in communities, with a case study of how self-esteem was built in Gas Station attendants across the country.
    Paper presented to change practitioners at the 3rd SOL Global Forum; [2008]


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