Published Works

Papers & Articles

  1. How to educate the next generations in Positive Post, the magazine of the Positive Economy Forum, 2015
  2. Learning to Contribute: An approach to Karma Yogain Vedanta Kesari, a cultural and spiritual magazine of the Ramakrishna Order, July 2015
  3. Knowledge Society - Directions for the future published in 'Swami Vivekananda's Vision of Future Society' which contains a collection of papers presented at the seminar to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, February 2014
  4. Teaching to Enabling Assimilation in Prabuddha Bharata (Awakened India), an English journal of the Ramakrishna Order, 2011
  5. Ideas to Ideals - the Citizen SBI Intervention in the conference proceedings of 'Igniting the Genius Within', organized by the Indian School of Business, center for Leadership, Innovation and Change, 2011
  6. Precision Knowledge Interventions in Reflections, Journal of the Society of Organizational Learning, April 2008
  7. Sustainable Learning Environments in Reflections, Journal of the Society of Organizational Learning, April 2008

Little Books (available on the Kindle store)

Little Books are about “small-big” changes. A small-big change is one where we make a small, almost imperceptible shift in the way we think, resulting in a big, almost quantum shift in the way we respond and engage with life.


  1. Look for “double success” in everything you doA small-big vision that may mean a new equation with success.
  2. Can we see life as a series of ‘moments of success’?A small-big change that helps us become successful without falling into the "big success" trap.
  3. What we measure we becomeA small-big insight that could change our relationship with the measures we accept "mindlessly" today.
  4. How to evolve our identities?A small-big "way to think" that helps us see ourselves and, therefore, free ourselves.
  5. Examining our motives of work - can we ask more of ourselves?A small-big framework that enables us to assess the quality of our motives and shows us a way forward.
  6. From ‘why’ to ‘why-not’-building a new future by changing our stanceA small-big change in our "stance" to life that could free us from excessive analysis and enable us to get things done.
  7. Becoming a changemaker wherever you are
    A small-big change that helps us become changemakers without changing the externals of our life.
  8. Preparing for a changing world: Evolutionary Capacities?
    As the world changes rapidly, many of us stare at the possibility of seeing our present skills and know-how becoming obsolete. Is there an answer to this challenge?
  9. Why Awareness?We can fulfill our unique humanness when we awaken our awareness and use this awareness to resolve the conflict between the objective ('what is' in the world outside) and subjective (my understanding of the world).
  10. Reclaiming our intentionality
    All of us recognize that we should be ‘creators of our destiny’ and not ‘victims of life’. This Little Book points us to the “how”.
  11. Cognitive Freshness
    This little book asks us why? Is it because we are actually seeking something called ‘cognitive freshness’ in every part of life?

Privately Circulated

Ideals and visions for a new society

  1. Building a vision-led organization
    The Design Leader Model (2012)
  2. The potential payoffs in financial inclusion
    Why Financial Inclusion is profitable and profitable for banks (2014)
  3. Creating Shared Value
    Illumine’s Citizen conduct approach (2012)
  4. Living by purpose
    The value of citizenship in organizations (2012)
  5. From ‘capability focus’ to ‘contribution focus’
    Unleashing potential through new ways to think (2012)
  6. The journey to collective contribution
    Integrating the dichotomy between ‘higher purpose and meaning’ and ‘day-to-day action’ (2012)
  7. Meeting the tacit knowledge challenge in organizations
    Illumine’s Enablement-centric approach (2013)
  8. The assimilation challenge in Social Change
    how to integrate assimilation outcomes into social change projects and initiatives
  9. The Innovating Collective
    Invoking, supporting and sustaining the innovation state of mind in organizations and communities(2012)
  10. How do we compete and collaborate at the same time (2014)
  11. Why must I serve? (2009)
  12. Enhancing the quality of customer interaction in banks (2006)
  13. From world-scale to world-class(2005)
  14. On Contributors – insights into what distinguishes contributors from the rest, and why they matter in society (2012) [Book]
  15. The i-becomer ideal(2011) [Book]
  16. Education for Enablement – a new vision of an education that builds contributors by design (2011) [Book]

Interpreting Vivekananda for the knowledge society

  1. The Lion's Roar – commentaries on Swami Vivekananda’s ideas on education, service, self-esteem, man-making, etc. (2015) [Book]
  2. Swami Vivekananda's Human Transformation Agenda – an agenda for change and nation-building (2009) [Book]

Design Philosophies

  1. Enablement Thinking – an exposition of the structure of cognition for enablement and its application possibilities (2005) [Book]
  2. Transcending the learning-doing gap – a design guide for closing the learning-doing gap and living in the space of actualization (2005) [Book]
  3. Success vision: what do we mean by successful change (2005) [Paper]
  4. The knowledge ideal measurement model (2007) [Paper]

Interventions / Programs

  1. Roadmap of sustainable evolution (2005) [Paper]
  2. Architecting Design Collectives (2005) [Paper]
  3. Sustainable Knowledge Initiatives (2005) [Paper]
  4. Transformational programs: towards a new solution approach (2004) [Paper]