How to help people go beyond intellectual comprehension, to assimilation of ideas?

All of us recognize that it is now extremely easy to access ideas and concepts from all over the world – at least for a significant proportion of the world’s population.

We also recognize that ideas remain abstractions with little real-world value to us, unless we live them, practice them, and transform the world around us by applying them effectively.

While we do recognize the importance of assimilating ideas, we also can, on reflection, come to recognize that our entire education system and the entire infrastructure (such as the Internet, publishing, etc.) dedicated to communicating ideas, are designed to give us access to ideas, but not help us assimilate them, and realize the full value of these ideas in their lives.

This is the challenge of assimilation: How to “deliver” knowledge and ideas on a mass scale to society in a manner that allows people not only to understand and accept these ideas but also assimilate these ideas into our lives in a quick and effective manner (mass access + deep assimilation).

Solving this challenge means new methods of classroom education, new methods of e-learning, new methods to engage with knowledge, especially for practitioners, and new mechanisms for creating personal change at scale.

Answers to this challenge have been developed at scale in several real-world contexts by Illumine.