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On Cognitive Empowerment

From why to why-not – building a new future by changing our stance

What stops us from accepting change and new ways of doing and thinking? What creates so much resistance to anything new? One simple answer to this question may lie in our stance of life. This Little Book proposes a shift from ‘Why’ to ‘Why Not’ in our stance to life.

Exploring cognitive empowerment

Cognition gives us the ability to make choices, decisions, to recognize, to build new axioms and conclusions about ourselves, about the way the world works. Cognition is therefore a powerful tool for our evolution. What then are the possibilities that empowerment at a ‘cognitive level’ offers us?

On career design & contribution in the workplace

Examining our motives of work – can we ask more out of ourselves?

Often we find ourselves driven by a mix of several motives leading us to multiple and often contradictory criteria in decision making. This Little Book offers a framework to organize and categorize our motives.

Learning to Contribute – An approach to Karma Yoga

Published in the Vedanta Kesari, 2014, this article outlines a journey from selfishness to Karma Yoga – the highest ideal for work in the Indian tradition, with Contributorship as the achievable middle step; and provides a 4-step roadmap to becoming a contributor

On knowledge for enablement

Creating universal cognitive access – The last 12 inches problem

It is a widely known fact that more information does not lead to better understanding and more ‘informed’ action. We now face the new challenge of making sense of all the knowledge available to us at the press of a button.