How to build ‘collective capacities for change and evolution’?

One of the biggest challenges of our time is to educate and enable individuals, communities, and institutions to build the collective capacity for change and evolution.

Building collective capacity is a very different process from building individual capacity alone.

Collective capacity for change and evolution requires:

  • that not only do individuals be awakened to take responsibility and ownership of the future of the collective,
  • but also that the collective is bound together through a set of enabling mechanisms that help individuals multiply and leverage their impact by their very membership of the collective.

These enabling mechanisms operate on several dimensions, most important of which is (i) the collective discovery & acceptance of shared ideals, (ii) a measurement system that involves a dual journey of external measures such as productivity & profits, and internal measures involving an individualized journey towards a shared ideal, and (iii) the development of collective protocols & soft structures that support this dual journey of each individual.

The outcomes of building such collective capacity for change and evolution can be seen at three levels:

One, external business or social parameters

Two, collective action parameters such as responsiveness, agility, collaboration, innovation, etc., and,

Three, individual parameters such as commitment, engagement, fulfillment at work, and measurable personal growth.