How to solve the ‘growth with roots’ problem in institutions?

Many institutions suffer from the problem of chasing too much “growth” resulting in significant damage, either to the surrounding ecosystems, or a deep weakening of the value systems that hold such systems together, (witness the impact on the environment through unlimited economic growth).

At the same time, most systems suffer from the challenge of too little regard for human fulfillment, too little utilization of untapped potential, and too much emphasis on visible success measures at the cost of tacit but equally important drivers of human fulfillment.

Why is it that this challenge of “growth with roots” remains unsolved?

The answer lies at all three levels – the level of socio-economic models and priorities, the level of measurement paradigms that drive our lives, and the level of deep rooted mental models and axioms that drive our personal choices.

Building sustainable evolution in human systems will mean awakening individuals, collectives, and institutions to a new vision for themselves, a new dialogue around measures of life, and new solutions to economic and social challenges.