About the Author

Srinivas Venkatram is the CEO & Founder of Illumine Knowledge Resources.   

Srinivas has spent over two decades working on the science and practice of knowledge-based change and evolution.

His theories & approaches help answer questions such as:

  1. How to help people evolve the way they learn & think, especially in a dynamic and uncertain world?
  2. How to redesign the way information & ideas are communicated so that they are assimilated by audiences & bring “real change”?
  3. How to empower individuals and collectives to become “creators of their own destiny” and find solutions to their own problems?
  4. How to help improve the effectiveness and scalability of “cognitively rich” work ranging from teaching, to customer service, to counseling, to design-based innovation? and
  5. How to create cognitive change at scale?

To translate his approaches into action, Srinivas has founded and is CEO of Illumine – an ideas-in-action lab that brings about knowledge-based change at scale. Over the past two decades Illumine has architected large-scale “business evolutions” with several of India’s largest corporations. Its “scalable intervention platforms” have impacted more than a million school children and half a million engineering graduates. It has also developed several innovative models for “precision knowledge-based change” in the social sector.

Srinivas has presented this work in national and international forums such as Society for Organizational Learning (SOL), Positive Economy Forum, BBC Radio 4, Institute of Culture: Kolkata, and leading management & technical institutions such as ISB-Hyderabad & the IITs.

Srinivas’ ideas and thinking are also available in easily accessible formats such as Microbooks, Kindle reads, video presentations & talks and blogs. To explore these, please visit: srinivasv.com, Illumine Bookshelf, Youtube.

You can connect with him on Linkedin.