The society of mindful consumers?

My hypothesis: The central driver for transition to a new order will be the shift from ‘acquisition’ to ‘assimilation / usage/ value leverage’.

This means that people will and must learn to use resources better, especially in the context of an extended global recession. This includes all kinds of resources: goods, knowledge, natural resources, and human resources.

The shift to assimilation/ usage/ value leverage will be accompanied by other (related) shifts.

  1. ‘Mindless acquisition’ to ‘Mindful acquisition of goods’
  2. ‘Buying more goods’ to ‘Using existing goods better’
  3. ‘Quantity of life parameters’ to ‘Quality of life parameters’

In systemic terms, this would mean –

  1. Consumption growth that is less exponential in rich countries
  2. Continued consumption growth in poorer countries where the focus is access to basic material goods
  3. Enhanced investments in efficiencies, effectiveness, and practices that leverage existing infrastructure, rather than on creating more infrastructure. This includes technology-usability and buyer side absorption of technologies
  4. Superior use of all resources

The net impact will be an economy that focuses on providing value, developing practices, effective usage and superior customer engagement.