Combining Craft with Scale– The notion of Integrity to Method

World-class knowledge organizations attempt to address a unique dichotomy – between great pride of personal craft and demonstrable logistical/ service delivery assurance.

The dichotomy between knowledge craft and delivery assurance is non-trivial. Craft is born of the personal. Assurance of the impersonal. Integrating the personal and impersonal into a single “whole” is not possible without a complete transcendence of both.

How does this transcendence – leading to integration of the personal and impersonal actually take place?

The answer lies in the concept of “Integrity to Method”.

“Integrity to Method” is the master idea of a scalable, world-class knowledge organization. It represents the integration of a “way” into the warp and weft of one’s work and life context.

“Integrity to Method” is the essence of the entire scientific community and its long term capacity to include and evolve globally – across cultures, motives, and contexts.

What is “Integrity to Method” in terms of day-to-day action?

“Integrity to Method” represents not adherence to process but adherence to model. In any “model of living” lies inherently a set of sustainability measures. Identifying those sustainability measures and ensuring that all actions support and reinforce the model and its success, is the key task of the leader – from the business success point of view.