The challenge of collective, self-serving behavior in India

Why is there so much resistance to a positive, developmental approach to the country and economy?

It is obvious to all of us that the cause of this resistance is a deep self-serving behavior that pervades all parts of our society.

This deep self-serving behavior – a collective selfishness – must be seen in the light of the ideals that this country stands for. Such noble ideals, and so much resistance to living them in our personal lives!

Is this self-serving behavior born of our utter lack of faith in our collective ideals? Does it come because our civilizational ideals have been systematically questioned by the alternative ideals proposed by waves of conquerors over the past 1000 years?

Is this self-serving behavior born out of several generations of slavery and a sense of scarcity and submission that came out of a nation living under the rapacious control of generations of rulers who came to take and not to build?

What is the way forward? The experiencing of abundance through economic growth? The willingness of our intellectual class to examine their own frames of thinking, so that the space is created for new ideals to emerge? And the willingness of a new generation of people to put the past behind them and commit to new ideals?

Is this the shift we need to make?