The way of ‘material’ societies

Outside In Evolution

After ‘experience’ I am both, tired and satisfied, then circumstances come, and I get pushed to the next level, by life. My evolution is outside-in.

The way of the ‘knowledge’ society

Inside Out Evolution

The minute I ‘know’ and I have not ‘realized’, discontent is born. So, I become the engine of my own transformation. Inside-out I evolve.

Put differently, the knowledge society will be different from material societies primarily because evolution will be driven by self-knowledge (i.e. knowledge of a new state of being that will result in my seeking to transform the “world”, i.e. structure of experience I live in)

Thus, the knowledge society is not so much about working with information, but about opening up new possibilities in human beings.

Real knowledge work, therefore, is about “seeing”, “recognizing” a new state of being for oneself and then shifting one’s current state of being – consciously, directedly – towards that new state of being.